100 Tips for Social Media Success - our new eBook - is out.

100 Tips for Social Media Success

Our new eBook is out filled with tips and tricks to improve your social media presence. Grab your copy today!

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Speaking Kudos

“I loved your information-rich, approachable, fresh presentation.”

“People really enjoy listening to Sheri. She delivers valuable information in a fun manner.”

Speaking Topics

Women Rocking Wall Street

From the teller window to the corner office, women in finance mean business. Sheri reveals their stories and top tips in this monthly podcast.

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Why ShoeFitts?

We know the finance lingo, we have the industry chops, and we make your marketing unforgettable.

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ShoeFitts Marketing identifies, creates, and implements inspired marketing and social media strategies and solutions for their clients so those clients can focus on doing what they love.

We are experts within the retirement plan space with extensive insight and experience working within this regulated environment. How did all this know-how materialize? From decades of working in the financial services marketplace, of course.

New Stuff from ShoeFitts

  • Cialdini Influence: Be Consistent and Unwavering

    On lazy fall weekends, I love spending a couple hours wandering through funky shops, antique stores and vintage clothing boutiques, and then tucking into a quaint small coffee shop for a strong Americano. Yet, on a day-in-and day-out basis, when I take a break from work and need my caffeine fix I head to Starbucks. Why? Consistency. I know my coffee will be perfect and not burnt. I know exactly what I am going to receive and my dog, aBoo, knows exactly what she will receive (her puppaccino).

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  • Cialdini Influence: Tapping into the Power of Reciprocity

    Women’s clothing retailer Anthropologie emails me a special coupon for my birthday. My friend’s local realtor brings her a pumpkin in the fall and offers a photo with Santa in December. A colleague receives a yearly birthday card from her husband’s college alma mater…

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  • Understand Persuasion to Improve Your Marketing

    In today’s visually and connected world you can rarely escape the onslaught of advertising and brand marketing. Billboards, stores, websites, and more impact our every move, and every purchasing decision. Yet, why are some ads effective? Why do people opt for the choices they make, whether in B2B commitments or B2C transactions?

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