Sheri FittsSheri Fitts is the president of ShoeFitts Marketing. She collaborates with retirement plan advisors, third party administrators, and financial service organizations. She teaches these industry professionals to leverage marketing tools, social media strategy tactics, and meaningful connections resulting in strengthened marketplace visibility and increased revenue.

Her dynamic presentation style is infused with credibility and expertise—a product of her twenty-year career in the financial services marketplace. Sheri debuted as an award-winning graphic designer, then progressed into participant curriculum design and eventually onward to the sales and marketing arena. She engages audiences by sharing stories of her own experiences and experiments, successes and learning moments, as well as a sweeping range of marketing and social media strategy-based topics, weaving humor and sincerity into her delivery. Sheri’s speaking engagements consistently garner rave reviews.

Sheri presents keynote addresses, breakout sessions, webinars, and daylong boot camps, always customized to the needs, requirements, and compliance guidelines and policies of the client.

Speaking Topics

Ready, Set, Social

Social media has transformed the face of business. Sales professionals’ participation in the online conversation optimizes effectiveness with peers, clients, and prospects. Sheri reviews compliance considerations, prospecting, and tactics for building an online brand.  Discover how to integrate social media into your marketing efforts and truly engage within the social sphere.

Survive the Overwired World

Hundreds of emails every day, Facebook updates, LinkedIn invitations, cell phone messages: With all the incoming check-ins and chimes, how do you stay focused? The overwired world can be overwhelming, but unplugging is only a temporary solution—and these resources are important tools for your business! Sheri provides you tools and coping mechanisms to successfully balance use of your demanding-yet-valuable technology and your need for peace in a distraction-free space.

Networking 2.0: Build Credibility, Develop Relationships, Create Opportunities

Evolving technology, the Internet, and social media have shifted our approach to business development, marketing, and networking.  While relationships still trump technology when it comes to closing the deal, keen professionals are looking to online platforms to supplement their real-life operations.  Sheri will bring you up to speed on LinkedIn, Twitter, blogging, e-newsletters, webinars, and Google tools, offering practical ways to dovetail them into your current outreach and networking strategy.  You’ll gain ideas and resources to launch an effective Networking 2.0 plan.

Marketing is Mathematical

The analytical set may believe that marketing is an effort that requires the creative flair of skilled right-brained types. Actually, marketing, like music, engineering, and graphic design, is based on math.  The marketing process is built on numbers, data, and patterns.  Sheri demonstrates how to apply the mathematics of marketing to add up sales, multiply opportunities, and construct an annual marketing plan.

Sociable: Social Media and Marketing Boot Camp

In this daylong, hands-on event, we’ll examine the full spectrum of marketing and social media.  Sheri’s instruction will encompass the content and deliverables from all the presentations listed above. You’ll reach a deeper understanding of the media as we review and enhance your social profile, research content sources for updates, learn to manage invitations, and discover the best way to build a listening channel for your organization.  By day’s end, you’ll have a concise marketing plan, social media strategy, and calendar assembled as well as the confidence and know-how to put everything you’ve learned to work for you.